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Product name: Digital Forehead Infrared Thermometer

Type: Forehead Thermometer


    1.High-precision infrared sensor is adopted,with stable and reliable performance;

    2.Strong environmental tempetature adaptability, and can still be used normally in  complex environment;

    3.Brand-new proprietary intellectual property rights probe structure,ensures more accurate measurement;

    4.Automatically save the last measured value;

    5.Large LCD screen, high brightness backlight, clear and soft display;

    6.Automatic shutdown saves electricity and energy.

Color: White

Product Size: 149mm*77mm*43mm

Gross Weight: 172g(without battery)

Produced Place: China

Auto power-off: 15s

Normal Working Condition: Temp: 16~35℃

◎ Gross Weight: 0.2kg (1pcs)

◎ Pakage Size:  16*9*4.6cm (1pcs)

◎ Specification:50pcs/package